Industrail Chiller

Maintenance methods for industrial chillers

1. The manufacturer has set up a protection device for industrial water chillers. Users should not change it at will.
2. It is necessary to regularly check whether the scattered hot water system of the chiller is normal, whether the fan and sprinkler shaft of the cooling water tower are running well, and whether the water replenishment of the water tank inside the chiller is normal. Regularly check whether there is leakage of refrigerant in the water cooler: it can be judged by referring to the parameters displayed on the high and low pressure meters on the front panel of the host.
3. In case of a fault alarm or shutdown of the unit, press the alarm shutdown button first, and then check the cause of the fault. Remember not to start the machine forcibly before troubleshooting.
4. When using, if there is no emergency, do not turn off the unit by cutting off the power supply at will; if the unit stops using for a long time in winter, turn off the unit first, and then turn off the main power supply to drain the water in the chiller.
5. When using the industrial water chiller, the machine room should be kept clean and well ventilated, and it should be cleaned regularly to ensure the normal operation of the unit.
6. After the air-cooled chiller is started, check whether the direction of the fan is correct. If the direction is normal, it can be used normally. If it reverses, the power connection is reversed. The phase sequence must be changed before starting. Also to ensure good cooling effects, this is to keep the cooling coil surface clean, ensure the air circulation around the machine, low temperature, and regularly clean the cooling coil.
7. The water-cooled chiller should keep the cooling tower clean, keep the air circulation and low temperature around the water tower, avoid impurities entering the cooling water tower, and reduce the heat dissipation efficiency.
8. When the chiller is used for six months, the system should be cleaned once a year. The main cleaning parts include cooling the water tower, cooling the water pipe and condenser to ensure better refrigeration effects. If the chiller has been used for 6 months, or the high / low pressure switch often fails, or the refrigeration capacity is reduced, it is necessary to ask professional maintenance personnel to repair
it.The above are some maintenance methods for industrial chillers. If we do a good job in daily maintenance of the chillers, we can not only improve the working efficiency of the chillers, but also prolong the service life of the chillers, reduce the operation risks and make the chillers more durable.

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