The future development trend of chillers

With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological strength, our chiller manufacturing technology is also changing with each passing day. The gap with developed countries is gradually narrowing, but the main core components such as compressors are mostly foreign-funded joint venture compressors. Inadvertently, it also increases the cost of the enterprise.

In modern society, the application of refrigeration equipment is more and more extensive. Modern refrigeration equipment is cooled by the application of chiller, and the development prospect of the chiller market is promising. The countries with advanced technology in the development of chillers are still some developed countries in the West. Their development trend is also combined with the actual situation of the country, to greatly improve the shape of the chiller, continuously improve the performance of the chiller, to achieve the effect of smaller chiller size and increased efficiency.

Experts pointed out that in today's increasingly fierce market competition and the gradual maturity of industrial chiller development technology, miniaturized and high-efficiency chillers have become a new trend. At the same time, in order to adapt to the rapid development of industrial production, more personalized products that are more suitable for actual production will continue to emerge.

1. Adjust the running load ratio
The different load ratios of chillers are inextricably linked to the consumption of energy. During the operation of daily chillers, 70% to 80% of the load operation energy consumption is far lower than 100% of the load operation, so the specific requirements of the unit are used. By reducing the load ratio of the chiller in a given period of time, the purpose of reducing energy consumption can be achieved, as long as the unit's cooling capacity is at a lower level, and the energy consumed at this time is greatly reduced.

2. Increase the evaporation temperature
In the actual use process, as long as the chiller evaporating temperature is effectively increased and the condensing temperature is lowered, the energy efficiency can be improved. Especially for the chiller equipment equipped with the cooling tower, the cooling tower can be greatly improved by such methods. The working efficiency of the cooling water source, thereby reducing the loss of energy, according to the introduction of domestic refrigeration machine manufacturers, to increase the evaporation temperature and reduce the condensation temperature, is the most common way to reduce power loss.

3. Reduce pipe blockage

If there is a problem of blockage in the pipeline, it will seriously affect the increase of water flow, resulting in the growth of energy consumption. In the actual use process, the pipeline can be kept in a smooth state by different means, which can greatly reduce the excessive consumption of various types of energy. To achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of the chiller.

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